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The American Broncho-Esophagological Association has had a terrific year. Our strategic planning retreat has set the stage for the future of the Association. Not only did we put on a great spring meeting, we have expanded our outreach and educational efforts, highlighted by the remarkable work of the “Button Battery Task Force”. We have had an increase in the papers published from our annual meeting and are working to develop educational programs along with industry partners to improve the technical skills of our members with office based procedures.

We realize that your giving spirit is pulled in many different directions, and that making more contributions may be difficult. We also know, however, that the future of the ABEA is very important to you or you would not be devoting your time to being a member and participating in this organization. This year we are celebrating our 100-year anniversary and would like to continue to sustain the organization. ABEA plans to grow and influence new members and national/international airway and esophageal surgeons. Your support is appreciated and valuable to the organization. Our goals continue to support current and future ABEA missions in research, scholarships, innovations, leadership and influence our national voice. We also support collaboration with other organizations such as the ALA, ASPO and AAP by investing in task forces aimed to improve safety.

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ABEA has several new categories to choose from for donors:

Levels of Contribution

Young Investigator Fund – The ABEA recognizes the tremendous scientific talent among its members and this funding opportunity intends to encourage promising early career surgeon-scientists to actuate new exploratory and developmental research projects that enables the PI to develop preliminary data toward a programmatic research program and compete for federally funded research opportunities.

Koltai Fund – This fund provides an award which honors the mission and individual, Dr. Peter Koltai, and is used specifically to award presenters or persons demonstrating excellence in pediatric airway, swallowing, and/or sleep medicine and/or international missions/outreach. The recipient of the award will receive $500, complimentary registration to the ABEA Annual Meeting, and recognition in the ABEA Program Book.

Button Battery Task Force – A long standing tradition of ABEA fundraising is to be a part of a large group of representatives from various organizations and industry to encourage regulation about button battery safety to prevent them from being swallowed by children, which can cause severe injury in a short period of time.

$100 – Centennial
$250 – Bronze
$500 – Silver
$750 – Gold
$1000 – Platinum
$5000 and above – Diamond

Donors may also choose to make contributions to the the Button Battery Task Force.

The American Broncho-Esophagological Association wishes to acknowledge the following gracious donors for contributing to the ABEA:

Diamond Supporters

($5,000 and Up)

Jamie Koufman and Voice Institute of New York – $100,000
Dana Thompson – $10,000
Steven Zeitels – $10,000
Gregory Postma
J. Scott McMurray – $6,500
Milan R. Amin – $5,000
James Burns – $5,000
Bryan Medical – $2500

Platinum Supporters


Michael Benninger
Seth Dailey
Edward Damrose
Mark Gerber
Tanya Meyer
Reza Rahbar
Gresham Richter
Michael Rothschild
J. Paul Willging
Karen Zur

Silver Supporters


Milan Amin
Peter Belafsky
Michael Hinni
Albert Merati

Bronze Supporters


Dinesh Chhetri
Mark Gerber
Richard Scher
Daniel Wohl

Centennial Supporters


Kenneth Altman
Jonathan Aviv
Andrew Blitzer
Ellen Deutsch
Gady Har-El
Nausheen Jamal
H. Bryan Neel, III
Marc Remacle
Peak Woo

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