Statement from ABEA

The ABEA Council stands in solidarity with our diverse membership and patient community in denouncing racism and violence in our country that has been highlighted in recent events.

As scientists, clinicians, educators, and leaders, our membership is empowered to set an example and to inspire. With this in mind, the Council of the ABEA is committed in the continued and emboldened pursuit of diversity, inclusion, and humanity as a core mission of our organization, and the creation of a Diversity Officer to oversee our progress. We strive to see that the membership of the ABEA mirrors or exceeds the ethnic diversity of the nation

 As patient providers, we advocate for all patients and reject disparity in healthcare, personal rights, and treatment of any individual. We have made a commitment to advocacy to address social determinates of health as they impact disorders that ABEA members treat.

We send our heartfelt thoughts and support for our ABEA community, their patients, and their families who are affected by personal or observed injustice at the hands of those who should protect us.  Regardless of race, the ABEA will be thoughtful in our reaction, our acknowledgment, and action when acts of injustice and violence are executed. We hope that each of you takes the time to reflect and make a difference.

The Council of the American Broncho-Esophagological Association

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